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Meet AhnLab CPP, a New Cloud Workload Protection Platform

  • Date06-05-2020

As the demand for non-contact and sustainable business operation goes up, a growing number of companies are actively seeking the help of hybrid or multi-cloud. According to a report by Flexera, software and IT cost management solution provider, 93% of the global cloud decision-makers that participated in the survey are actively adopting a multi-cloud strategy, while 87% of them are taking on hybrid-cloud approach. 

While cloud strategies bring lots of benefits, it also comes with a downside. 83% of the survey participants stated that cloud security is one of the biggest obstacles in deploying and using the cloud. Many companies believe that CSP Cloud Service Providers) are responsible for all security issues related to the cloud solution, but that is far from the truth. The business adopting the cloud solution is equally responsible for cloud security. The only difference is that the CSP takes care of hardware management and update. The rest remains the same as any other on-premise environment. The two must share the responsibility for cloud security.

Then, is there any cloud security solution that guarantees protection, service availability, and business continuity at the same time? If you are reading this, you've come to the right place. Built upon the demand of our users, AhnLab has released 'AhnLab CPP', a new cloud workload security platform. Let's take a closer look at AhnLab CPP and how it can maximize business operations while providing a robust cloud workload security for hybrid infrastructure.



To accelerate digital transformation in this post-pandemic era, businesses are migrating their data and applications into the cloud. Thus, businesses are weighing the cost, and benefit of various cloud service solutions, hoping to find the perfect one. Aligned with this trend, hybrid-cloud services and multi-cloud services, which operate various types of clouds simultaneously all the while retaining each of their advantages, have become common in the market. Likewise, an increasing number of businesses are taking great interest in security solutions that provide stable server operation and comprehensive visibility.


On June 5th, AhnLab announced the official release of AhnLab CPP, a new and robust cloud workload security platform. AhnLab CPP is a single, integrated security platform that protects server workload from advanced threats through various security features aligned with the server workload security requirements through a single management console. 


AhnLab CPP protects cloud server workload by providing an intergrated, unified management of various security solutions, such as AhnLab Application Control, AhnLab Host IPS, and AhnLab V3 Net. 


AhnLab Application Control guarantees the stability of service by only allowing trusted applications relevant to server workload and controlling to access important files. AhnLab Host IPS protects the server by detecting and blocking network infiltration through signature-based detection. It also provides firewall features for network packet by monitoring inbound/outbound traffics. AhnLab V3 Net provides globally-recognized anti-malware features, which allows users to switch between manual scan, scheduled scan, and other scan options depending on server activity. 


AhnLab CPP offers comprehensive visibility over server workloads through various dashboards, which allow the user to see the overall security status of the company’s server at a glance. AhnLab CPP dashboard minimizes security risk on server workload through continuous monitoring of hybrid infrastructures. It also helps security administrators to quickly detect and respond to threats.


AhnLab CPP supports dynamic threat management and response for servers in on-premise environments to cloud environments. It enables automatic identification for autoscaling workloads using AWS (Amazon Web Service) or Microsoft Azure cloud accounts. In addition, it provides Syslog and open API for simple integration and enhanced security controls for 3rd party solutions, such as SIEM and integrated log analysis system.


Businesses planning to migrate their data or application to hybrid-cloud or multi-cloud environments can set up and manage the infrastructure according to their business needs with AhnLab CPP. It is also saves cost in deploying and managing with AhnLab CPP because it only applies the security solution license essential for their line of work. 


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