Security Risk Level

AhnLab constantly collects and compiles information on the most recent and common viruses.

Upgrading to the latest engine and patch, is one of the most crucial steps in securing your network and computers. When the security software is installed, the following 4 levels will indicate the current security status with recommended actions to take.

Level 1

Level1 Low


No imminent threats exist on your system or network. AhnLab will continue to monitor and detect for any possible treats.

ActionAhnLab will continue to maintain the safe environment.

Level 2

Level2 Medium


Your system security is compromised and may be vulnerable to attacks. We recommend that you download the latest patches, and install our Anti-Virus software.

ActionWe recommend you patch your system to latest version, and install Anti-Virus software.

Level 3

Level3 High


Random systems have been damaged and security attacks have been reported. Please scan your system for security risks to mitigate any possible threats caused by viruses or worms.

ActionPlease scan your system for any security-threatening activities, viruses or worms.

Level 4

Level4 Critical


New security threats are found infesting through the Internet. Many systems have been damaged and current security measures are ineffective. Update your engine, scan for harmful viruses and worms, and download the latest patches and Windows updates to secure your system.

ActionWe recomend you to update your engine, scan the system and download the latest patches and Window updates to secure your system.