About ASEC

AhnLab Security Emergency Response Center (ASEC) is a world-class emergency response organization composed of malicious code analysts and security experts. We monitor and respond to emergencies 24/7, protecting customers safely from malicious codes and security threats spreading around the world.

ASEC Features

AhnLab Security Emergency Response Center
  • 24/7 Response System : ASEC monitors new security threats found around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and responding quickly and effectively taking action.
  • Minimizing the Damage of Security Threats by Prompt Action : ASEC develops and distributes anti-virus signatures, anti-spyware signatures, and network signatures to be prepared against new malicious codes, spyware and security threats looming. ASEC also provides analytic information to our clients.
  • Analyzing Malicious Codes & Providing Relevant Movements : ASEC provides customers with detailed analysis of vulnerabilities presented by malicious codes and spywares. ASEC Monthly Report is also distributed to inform customers of damages from malicious codes & spywares, and newly found movements.
  • Engine Development : To respond quickly to new forms of malicious code and spyware, ASEC develops and upgrades to all product lines of AhnLab.

ASEC Response Process

ASEC Response Process
  1. Outbreak
  2. Analyze Virus Samples
  3. Generate Virus Signatures
  4. Upload Signature to Update Servers
  5. End of Response