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Malware Detection
and Remediation for
Fixed Function Systems

AhnLab Xcanner

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AhnLab Xcanner


It is difficult to apply the latest security patch to various fixed function systems, such as Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Point of Sales (POS) Systems, KIOSKs, and ATMs, due to their sensitivity and outdated OS. This leaves them vulnerable to malware infection. As such these systems are placed in air-gapped network or low bandwidth network environments, which are designed to perform only set processes with bare minimum system requirements, it is often impossible to perform engine updates, real-time detection, and remediation with security programs built for PC environment.

AhnLab Xcanner is a manual, scan-based malware detection and remediation program that detects and deletes malware in fixed function systems, where application of normal security solutions are difficult.

AhnLab Xcanner enables users to set scan and repair options according to each operating environment and provides minimal clashes with pre-installed security agents.

Due to its user-friendly interface, on-site workers and facility managers with zero security knowledge can also easily respond to malware.

AhnLab Xcanner does not require installation; it can be used by mounting on the system via a removable storage device.

  • Available for Use in AhnLab EPS Lock Mode
  • Provides Log Monitoring and Integrated Management from AhnLab EPS Console
  • Provides Xcanner with Latest Engine from AhnLab EPS Server
  • Available for Use in Removable Storage Devices

AhnLab Xcanner can be used on its own. However, it provides enhanced protection when integrated with AhnLab EPS.

AhnLab Xcanner allows user to perform malware detection and remediation while in AhnLab EPS Lock Mode.

AhnLab Xcanner enables system administrators to manage the comprehensive malware history, from event log collection and monitoring to follow-up tracking, by sending the result of the malware detection and remediation to AhnLab EPS server. AhnLab Xcanner with the latest engine is available on AhnLab EPS server everyday for administrators to download and use.