V3 for VDI


V3 for VDI is an exclusive anti-malware solution optimized for VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).

Security threats, such as malware and ransomware, are growing in numbers and VDI environments are becoming more vulnerable than ever. There are limitations in adopting and operating traditional security solutions due to their impact on VDI performance. Thus, companies need an optimized anti-malware security solution with minimal impact on VDI performance.

Security challenges in VDI environment:

  • Resource and performance concerns of virtual appliance
    - Security solutions and virtual appliances use common resources, such as CPU and memory
    - Possible AV-Storm occurrence due to engine update or scheduled scan
  • Limitations in adopting new security solution and efficient management in various VDI environment
    - Possibility of security holes and potential security threats during VDI transition
  • Business discontinuity due to malware infection and ransomware
    - Increasing need to respond to new malware and variants in real-time

V3 for VDI provides robust protection against new malware and minimizes the impact on system resources, making a safer and more stable business environment.