AhnLab CPP

Purpose-built Protection
for Hybrid Cloud

AhnLab CPP

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AhnLab CPP


An increasing number of businesses are migrating their workloads to cloud environments to accelerate digital transformation. However, cloud environments requires a new security platform for centralized visibility and management of cloud workloads.

AhnLab CPP is a single, centralized cloud workload protection platform that focuses on providing optimized protection, unified management, and flexibility for workloads in hybrid environments.

Optimized Protection for Hybrid ㆍMulti-cloud Environments

  • - Provides comprehensive visibility and easy management for workloads in on-premise and cloud server (AWS, Azure) environments
  • - Supports automatic identification for autoscaling cloud server workloads

Unified Operation and Management

  • - Delivers easy operation and management through a single, web-based management platform
  • - Supports quick and simple operations with Intrusion Prevention, Firewall, Application Control, Integrity Monitoring, and Anti-malware
  • - Provides integration with 3rd-party solutions via Open API
  • - Enables SIEM, ESM integration via syslog logging

Flexible and Cost-efficient

  • - Provides module-based CPP Management, which enables flexible configuration according to the business environment
  • - Saves cost by allowing selective installation and application of security solutions


Application Control

  • - Allows execution of trusted applications only
  • - Ensures system stability by providing various control modes
  • - Provides application access control feature for a critical file or folder


  • - Supports certified engine based malware detection
  • - Provides real-time malware scan on Windows and Linux server with minimal impact on resources and performance
  • - Supports manual and scheduled scan
  • - Detects and responds to the container malware


  • - Enables IP, Port , protocol-based network control
  • - Supports geo-IP blocking

Intrusion Prevention

  • - Detects and blocks network intrusion attacks based on certified signatures
  • - Supports user-defined signatures
  • - Provides signature recommendation considering a system environment
  • - Supports IPS and IDS
  • - Supports to detect port scan and host sweep
  • - Detects and responds to the network intrusion from or to containers

Integrity Monitoring

  • - Scanning a modification of critical file, folder, registry, process, service and etc.
  • - Supports manual and scheduled scanning as well as the real-time scanning (on some categories)