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AhnLab EDR

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AhnLab EDR


Attacks against endpoints are becoming more advanced and diversified. We live in an age where new malware appear daily, making it almost impossible to prevent them all beforehand. In these times, we need to establish a security system that minimizes threats through continuous monitoring and promptly responds to breaches.


AhnLab EDR offers the precise threat detection and optimum response by analyzing the cause and context of cyber threats. Then, it proactively hunts them, allowing customers to implement preemptive measures and prevent recurrence. Powered by our technologies built up for more than 30 years, AhnLab EDR has proven its threat detection and response capabilities, particularly in recent MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation Round 4 which emulated Wizard Spider and Sandworm.



Based on our behavior analysis engine, AhnLab EDR provides an unmatched threat behavior monitoring and analysis and ultimately a broader endpoint visibility. As customers can easily operate and deploy the product, they can enjoy the advanced threat detection and response capabilities more conveniently.


※ For more information, please contact us at global.sales@ahnlab.com