AhnLab EPP

Optimized Platform for
Endpoint Protection

AhnLab EPP

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AhnLab EPP


The next-generation endpoint protection, AhnLab EPP, integrates various endpoint security solutions based on a single agent and a single management console.

AhnLab EPP is the endpoint protection platform for optimized interoperation and integrated management of diverse security functions. AhnLab EPP provides a stronger response against threats than point solutions-based responses by providing truly centralized endpoint security management and operation. 

Sensitive data of organizations reside in endpoints and as a result, endpoints are continually exposed to security threats. Also, the increasing diversification of operating systems and devices require organizations to widen the object and scope of protection. 

In response to today's highly complex security threats, organizations are introducing multiple security solutions; however, limitations in operating and managing such multiple solutions often become a vulnerability in security. 

AhnLab EPP, a next-generation endpoint security platform, offers efficient management and strong response to threats with only an agent and a single management console. With AhnLab EPP, security managers can easily operate and manage endpoint products with an at-a-glance convenience.​