Forensic Services

Professional Digital Forensic and Incident Response Services

Forensic Services

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Forensic Services


With its exclusive analysis technology and response know-how to a variety of security incidents, AhnLab provides forensic services for analysis and responses against advanced and sophisticated threats such as APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats).

AhnLab’s digital forensic service team, A-FIRST (AhnLab Forensics & Incident Response Service Team), is comprised of digital forensics experts in the areas of digital forensics, malware, networks and vulnerability. This team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals investigates the cause, scope of damage, and intrusion paths to prevent threats from reoccurring and spreading. This service will reduce your security costs by preventing reoccurring and spreading threats, and will enhance your security level.

The Incident Analysis Service of AhnLab is provided for customers who need to analyze current and past intrusions. The experts at AhnLab forensic service team, A-FIRST, analyze corporate systems and networks to find the cause, scope of damage, and paths of intrusion, and then provide an analysis result report on their findings and customized guidelines to improve the security system.

Security Incident Analysis Service Process

Objective and Key Services of AhnLab’s forensic service

Objective and Key Services of AhnLab’s forensic service Details
  • - Prevents additional or potential security threats by analyzing the cause of incidents on endpoints and servers
  • - Minimizes security threats by providing preventive measures
Key Services
  • - Detects unknown security breaches that use new malware and hacking techniques
  • - Analyzes the cause of incidents by investigating intrusion paths and timelines
  • - Minimizes damage by analyzing the cause of security breaches
  • - Provides incident analysis service based on customers’ needs
Objective and Key Services of AhnLab’s forensic service

Types of Analysis Reports and Content

Types of Analysis Reports and Content Details
Executive Summary
  • - Incident Analysis Overview
  • - Incident Analysis Result
  • - Security Advisory
Security Incident Analysis
  • - Summarize Analysis Result
  • - Incident Timeline
  • - Security Breach Scenario
Analysis In-depth
  • - Analysis of Traces of System and Application
  • - Disk Analysis Result
  • - Database Analysis Result
  • - Corresponding Malware Analysis