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ATT&CK Evaluation
Detection & Response

AhnLab EPP and AhnLab EDR have proven the world-class ability of threat detection and response as a result of well reflecting MITRE’s ATT&CK Framework. The endpoint security platform effectively delivered an easily understandable and systematic context of the attack from initial compromise to impact. Also, AhnLab EPP and EDR were distinguished with their practical and actionable threat alerts addressing the security complexity.

MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluation Round 4

2021 South Korea
Endpoint Security
Company of the Year

With ongoing efforts to transform the traditional endpoint protection approach, AhnLab stands out from other market competitors by continuing to work on its strategy to converge its existing endpoint security offering into a single agent and single management approach to enable enhanced threat management and incident response capabilities. AhnLab’s ongoing security portfolio expansions, notable acquisitions, and investments in innovation, makes AhnLab an uncontested leader with a well-established brand name.

Vivien Pua Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan

Certified by
for ATD

AhnLab MDS achieved ICSA Labs ATD certification for nine consecutive times. The solution was very effective at detecting new and unknown threats, without any false positives. In the 2021 Q3 ATD Certification Testing, it detected unknown malware variant with 99.7% detectability.

ICSA Labs Advanced Threat Defense Test: Q3 2021

V3 Named
Top Product

AhnLab V3 received full scores on the recent AV-TEST evaluation for both business and home users in Windows 10. AhnLab V3 was named 'Top Product' for receiving exceptional scores in all three categories: protection, performance, and usability. V3 Mobile Security was also certified 50 consecutive times for Android antivirus.



AhnLab EPP is an effective endpoint security solution that provides platform-based endpoint hardening. AhnLab EPP provides real-time defense and threat visibility against advanced endpoint threats, such as ransomware and malware. The solution supports easy management of vulnerable systems through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. AhnLab EPP is incomparable to products of other companies in terms of its functionality and usability.

AhnLab EPP Client Review Gartner Peer Insights

ATT&CK Evaluation Context-Aware Detection & Response

2021 South Korea Endpoint Security Vendor of the Year

Certified by ICSA Labs for ATD

V3 Named Top Product by AV-TEST

Gartner Peer Insights

AhnLab Integrated
Security Platform

New, advanced threats are spreading rapidly across various areas, causing much damage. AhnLab's integrated security platform securely protects all areas vulnerable to breaches, including endpoints, network, and cloud, based on industry-leading technologies and intelligence. AhnLab enable businesses to close security gaps and easily manage security threats with its differentiated security operation capabilities.

V3Robust Anti-malware Software

AhnLab V3 safely protects clients' endpoints based on the technical expertise accumulated over the past 30 years. AhnLab V3 effectively defends against advanced cyber threats based on its multi-dimensional analysis platform. AhnLab V3 is also globally recognized by independent security software testing institutions, such as AV-TEST, for its outstanding performances.

EPPNext-Generation Endpoint Security Platform

AhnLab EPP provides excellent security capabilities through flexible integration of solutions essential for endpoint security, such as anti-malware, data protection, patch management, vulnerability management, and threat detection and response. Solutions in the platform can be managed on a single console to provide optimal client experience in terms of operational convenience.

EDREnhanced Threat Detection and Response

AhnLab EDR is a next-generation threat detection and response solution that provides powerful response and outstanding visibility against advanced threats, such as ransomware and new attack variants. AhnLab EDR ensures a safe business environment by collecting all behavior information that occurs at the endpoint and providing actionable insights and response measures.

MDSIndustry-leading, Advanced Threat Response Solution

AhnLab MDS provides an optimized, multi-layered threat response for modern cyberattacks by leveraging advanced sandboxing technologies with multi-engine capabilities. Based on the ‘Cyber Kill Chain,’ AhnLab MDS integrates with multiple AhnLab security solutions to provide enhanced defense capabilities.

EPSSecurity Solution Optimized for OT Environments

As the core of AhnLab OT security platform, AhnLab EPS effectively protects fixed-function systems, such as industrial control systems. Features, such as 3-level Lock Modes and application control based on allowlist, minimizes threats in OT environments. The malware analysis engine of AhnLab EPS provides powerful protection with minimal impact on system resources.

TIPNext-Generation Threat Intelligence Platform

AhnLab TIP is a next-generation threat intelligence platform that provides actionable threat insights. Users can check comprehensive threat intelligence, such as threat analysis data, news clipping service, and cloud sandbox analysis that is updated in real-time, on a single platform to speed up the decision-making process.

TrusGuardNext-Generation Network Firewall

AhnLab TrusGuard is a next-generation network firewall that provides various security features, such as firewall, application control, VPN, and anti-spam. Based on the response system specialized in threat detection, AhnLab TrusGuard proactively defends against unknown threats and provides enhanced security capabilities through flexible integration of AhnLab's endpoint security platform.

AIPSNetwork Intrusion Prevention System

AhnLab TMS is a network threat management platform that provides integrated policy management of network security solutions and an in-depth threat analysis based on big data processing framework. AhnLab TMS enhances security capabilities of the platform by quickly applying the abnormal behavior detection and scenario-based correlation analysis results to the integrated solutions.

DPXDDoS Protection Solution

AhnLab DPX is a DDoS response solution that supports 40G/100G Network Interface Cards (NIC) with globally recognized packet processing abilities. AhnLab DPX protects business networks from DDoS attacks that use various attack methods through integration with security solutions, such as an 11-level DDoS response filter, APT, and SOAR.

TMSIntegrated Network Threat Management Platform

AhnLab TMS is a network threat management platform that provides integrated policy management of network security solutions and an in-depth threat analysis based on big data processing framework. AhnLab TMS enhances security capabilities of the platform by quickly applying the abnormal behavior detection and scenario-based correlation analysis results to the integrated solutions.

CPPWorkload Protection Platform Optimal for Hybrid Environments

AhnLab CPP safely protects workloads in a public cloud and on-premise environments based on intuitive visibility. AhnLab CPP maximizes the convenience and stability of cloud security by delivering management of various features, such as Application Control, Host IPS, Anti-malware, Integrity Monitoring, and Hardening, on a single console.

CloudEnhancing Security Capabilities of Cloud MSP

AhnLab Cloud is a 'Secure MSP' service focused on cloud configuration and operation with the addition of AhnLab's powerful security capabilities. Based on the security framework built with AhnLab's technical expertise in security, AhnLab Cloud designs an architecture optimized for security at all stages of cloud management to ensure a secure, stable cloud environment.

SOARSOAR for Security Automation and Orchestration

AhnLab SOAR is a SOAR solution that enhances the efficiency and productivity of security tasks through automation and orchestration. AhnLab SOAR standardizes the threat response process through a playbook based on AhnLab's threat response scenario. AhnLab SOAR enhances security capabilities through flexible integration of both AhnLab and 3rd-party solutions.

Security ServiceSecurity Service Provided by AhnLab’s Experts

AhnLab's Managed Security Service protects business assets from advancing threats. AhnLab effectively operates security solutions and responds to threats in real-time in vulnerable areas, such as cloud, e-mail, network, and OT environment, allowing businesses to focus on more significant matters.

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How to Build a Ransomware Defense Strategy

AhnLab developed the 'Cyber Kill Chain', which flexibly integrates solutions within security platforms, such as AhnLab EPP, EDR, and MDS. Through outstanding detection technology in all ransomware infiltration routes, AhnLab effectively defends against new, un-known attacks as well as well-known ransomware attacks.


How to Prepare for Cloud Security Threats

Organizations are increasingly faced with threats in hybrid environments as cloud transformation accelerates. Securing cloud workloads is the first step in defending against targeted attacks. AhnLab introduces how organizations can effectively secure their cloud in evolving threat landscape.


How to Protect Your OT Environment

AhnLab offers an integrated OT security model optimized for OT environments based on accumulated IT security expertise. AhnLab provides differentiated response capabilities and maximizes threat visibility by applying various security technology, such as protocol analysis and malware detection in OT networks that oversees operations and controls.

Latest Threat Analytics by AhnLab’s Security Experts

ASEC (AhnLab Security Emergency-response Center) is comprised of industry-Leading threat analysts and security experts. ASEC provides threat analysis and information regarding the latest technologies and security threats through ASEC Blog.