Security Strategy

Brand-new Multi-layered Security: New Perspective on Advanced Cyber Threat Defense

Today’s advanced attacks originate from multiple vectors, which leave traditional point-solution countermeasures incapable of mitigating them. These targeted attacks, which are called advanced persistent threats (APTs), require immediate, automated mitigation.

Simply detecting malware, however, is no longer sufficient to cope with the multi-stage attacks of advanced malware since Malware used in APTs is not universal but rather specially designed to penetrate a targeted organization’s network. As a result, current security strategies require more advanced defense elements than ever before.

To ensure security measures cover the advanced threats, it is mandatory to coordinate existing defense systems with an overall security strategy. To address that AhnLab introduced a new, next-generation security strategy to defend against advanced threats: multi-layered security strategy.

The brand-new multi-layered security strategy has four layers: