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AhnLab Establishes Blockchain Subsidiary, AhnLab Blockchain Company

  • Date2022-04-22
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April 22, 2022 - AhnLab, Inc., a leader in cybersecurity, announced the establishment of a blockchain subsidiary, 'AhnLab Blockchain Company.'



By establishing a specialized subsidiary, AhnLab aims to expand the scope of business to the blockchain field and respond to rapid changes in blockchain environments. Following the decision made by AhnLab's board of directors, the new company was launched on April 1st, with AhnLab's CEO Suk-Kyoon Kang simultaneously took on the duties of CEO for the subsidiary.


AhnLab Blockchain Company will focus on developing a 'Web 3.0 wallet' service that supports storage, management, and transaction of digital assets, such as cryptocurrency and NFT (Non-fungible token). The company will also seek to form partnerships with companies recognized in the blockchain ecosystem to discover various business opportunities to merge AhnLab's extensive security capabilities and blockchain technologies. Web. 3.0 wallet is an application that helps users to store, manage, and trade digital assets, such as cryptocurrency and NFT. It supports encrypted web access and interacts with dApps (decentralized applications) of various blockchains. Ethereum's 'MetaMask' is an example of a typical Web 3.0 wallet.


By establishing the subsidiary, AhnLab will further strengthen the 'Klaytn Governance Council' partnership. With AhnLab Blockchain Company at the center, AhnLab is planning to contribute to the development of the Klaytn ecosystem by enhancing cooperative relationships through technical and business interactions.


Suk-Kyoon Kang, the CEO of the AhnLab Blockchain Company, said "We established AhnLab Blockchain Company to tackle one of the challenges that were brought up earlier this year, which is 'pushing into the blockchain business.' The field of blockchain has endless potential for growth, and AhnLab will focus on its strength in the field of security to build upon the unique competitiveness."


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