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Malware Win-Downloader/Adod.28672

  • TypeSpyware
  • Update Date05-08-2007 11:19
  • RiskMedium


Malicious Code Risk Level Details
System Risk Network Risk Spread Risk Current Spread Level
Medium undecided undecided Very Low
Malicious Code Basic Information Details
Created File adodemaster.exe
Activity Violates privacy
Platform Windows Infection Route File Execution
Type Spyware Infection Method Executable File
Origin Unknown Date Discovered
(Local time)
Instructions You can scan this virus with the latest Engine  2007.05.08.00
You can cure this virus with the latest Engine  2007.05.08.00

Symptom and Summary

Win-Downloader/Adod.28672 is a Downloader that downloads and installs other malicious programs without the user's agreement.