AhnLab MDS

Ultimate Threat Response with
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AhnLab MDS

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AhnLab MDS


A complete advanced threat protection solution that

delivers fast, truly comprehensive endpoint and network protection

against known and unknown malware, zero-day exploits, and targeted attacks

More recent and sophisticated cyber-attacks have targeted organizations by injecting malware or files into web applications and email. The attacks initiate the distribution of malware that passes undetected through conventional security solutions; hence, these are so-called Advanced Persistent Threats(APTs).

However, the response to the ever-evolving malware-based threats has been via ordinary security methods like antivirus, firewall, and intrusion prevention products.
Because of this, many organizations remain vulnerable to Advanced Persistent Threats. It’s no secret that these attacks cost a company via lost intellectual property, stolen information assets, damage to equipment, and network downtime.

One thing is common to all Advanced Persistent Threats scenarios; although the methods are diverse, all are triggered by malware.

AhnLab MDS (Malware Defense System) is a complete APT protection solution that combines on-premise and cloud-based analytics to defeat advanced targeted threats anywhere across the organization. It provides rapid malware recognition and remediation with real-time blocking of malicious network traffic and dynamic disruption of active security breaches.

  • - Layered approach protects both networks and endpoints
  • - Threat visibility empowered by machine learning based analysis
  • - Simplified management and rapid response to known and unknown threats
  • - Automated malware removal and targeted disruption of malware network activity
  • - Achieved Common Criteria (CC) certification from NIAP

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