AhnLab TrusGuard DPX

Optimum choice for large-scale, hybrid and advanced DDoS attacks

AhnLab TrusGuard DPX

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AhnLab TrusGuard DPX


AhnLab TrusGuard DPX is the most powerful protection solution for Anti-DDoS. 

No.1 Market share in Korea is AhnLab TrusGuard DPX.

Source: “South Korea Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Solution Market, Forecast to 2021” 

August 2017, Frost & Sullivan

Distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have become one of the most serious threats against today's Internet-based entities, including e-commerce, infrastructure, and government websites. In a DDoS attack, compromised zombie computers or botnets can take down websites or other Internet services with excessive requests for system resources.​

AhnLab TrusGuard DPX is designed to defeat today’s highly complex and sophisticated DDoS attacks with an intelligent defense strategy. It ensures business continuity and resource availability with an all-inclusive security layer that not only detects today’s more complex attacks, but also mitigates their effects.

AhnLab TrusGuard DPX provides all-inclusive features to block these complex attacks, regardless of techniques or methods.

  • - Real-time traffic monitoring and automatic self-learning
  • - Protection from network to application (HTTP)
  • - Source IP based protection and spoofed IP protection including TCP Flooding and others
  • - TCP session based protection including TCP Multi-Connection, TCP Established Attack, Low Bandwidth TCP Session Flooding
  • - HTTP based protection including HTTP Get Flooding, HTTP Null Page Flooding, HTTP CC Attack, HTTP Redirect Bypass Flooding, SQL Query Based HTTP Attack
  • - Protection against new and advanced attacks, like DNS Amplification Attack, RUDY or Slowloris