AhnLab DPS

Complete Protection against Evolving DDoS Threats

AhnLab DPS

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AhnLab DPS


Distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have become one of the most serious threats against today's Internet-based entities, including e-commerce, infrastructure, and government websites. In a DDoS attack, compromised zombie computers or botnets can take down websites or other Internet services with excessive requests for system resources.

AhnLab DDos attack Protection System (DPS) is designed to defeat today’s highly complex and sophisticated DDoS attacks with an intelligent defense strategy. It ensures business continuity and resource availability with an all-inclusive security layer that not only detects today’s more complex attacks, but also mitigates their effects. DPS provides all-inclusive features to block these complex attacks, regardless of techniques or methods.

  • - Real-time traffic monitoring and automatic self-learning
  • - Protection from network to application (HTTP)
  • - Source IP based protection and spoofed IP protection

    TCP Flooding: SYN, SYN-ACK, ACK, Fin, PSH, RST, URG, XMAS

    Other : UDP, ICMP, IP, Fragments, DNS Query

  • - TCP session based protection: TCP Multi-Connection, TCP Established Attack, Low Bandwidth TCP Session Flooding
  • - HTTP based protection: HTTP Get Flooding, HTTP Null Page Flooding, HTTP CC Attack, HTTP Redirect Bypass Flooding, SQL Query Based HTTP Attack
  • - Protection against new and advanced attacks, like DNS Amplification Attack, RUDY or Slowloris