Removal Tools

Removal tool will check your computer for any infection caused by specific virus and will remove them.

To protect your system and prevent outbreak of malware, please download the corresponding file.

Please be noted that

  • - If V3's real-time monitoring or any other real-time anti-virus monitoring is currently turned on, please turn it off before executing the Specialized Removal Tool.
  • - Since the Specialized Removal Tool is developed to repair the infected system, it doesn't provide a system monitoring function for prevention purpose.
  • - The Specialized Removal Tool is not subjected to regular updates.
Removal Tools
No Name Date Download
76 V3 GameHack Kill 02-17-2017 gamehackkill.exe
75 Dropper/Agent.429808 06-09-2014 v3_integration.exe
74 Registry Fix Tool 03-26-2014
73 V3 IE (MS13-080) Malware 02-07-2014 v3_ie_malware.exe
72 Win-Trojan/Smiscer 09-11-2013 v3_smiscer.exe
71 Win-Trojan/Ddkr.3405824 06-29-2013 v3_ddkr.exe
70 V3 GamehackBTScanner 01-31-2013 v3_gamehackbtscanner.exe
69 Aduska Bootkit 10-22-2012 v3_aduska.exe
68 Win32/Jadtre.E 10-10-2012
67 Userinit Rootkit 07-05-2012 v3removal_usrootkit.exe