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 Protecting Profit Model 

* Protects clients’ business by preventing piracy and cheating, therefore reducing loss of revenue.


Cutting Management Cost 

* Minimizes clients’ management costs associated with resolving user claims and server overload caused by hacking attacks.


Increasing Brand Value

* Supports clients’ business to succeed by protecting game integrity and maximizing user satisfaction

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Recently, online game hacking has developed into targeted, multi-dimensional, and rapidly growing syndicated crime, from which more comprehensive, flexible and continuous countermeasures are required in order to protect the game environment.

HackShield is a complete, robust and sustainable online game protection based on multi-dimensional countermeasures and expert support. With its powerful anti-hacking technologies and management services, HackShield protects your game and safeguards the game environment from rapidly evolving threats.


 What it does:

* Collects customized hacking-tool samples
* Develops new response technologies
* 3-step response
   - Distributes signature engine
   - Distributes memory heuristic engine
   - Releases Module
* HackShield QA team
* Automated update
* Whitelist-based system error control
* Dedicated technical support
* Provides real-time hacking monitoring
* Provides hacking-tool report
* Provides AhnLab monthly security report


 [about the Service]



  *  Prevents and blocks hacking attacks with powerful protection technologies, both at the server level and at the game client level

 Customized Protection

*  Continuous optimization of defense engine against evolving hacking tools

 3-step Response

* Fundamentally blocks known attacks, variants and unknown threat with 3-step response;
   signature engine release memory heuristic engine release module release


* Ensures stable operation of services with dedicated technical support; prompt troubleshooting and response
* Minimizes maintenance cost by auto updates and system error control 
* Global Support System (GSS)


* Game Security E-Response Center (GSEC), AhnLab’s game hacking expert group, provides timely response and continuous threat management 



[about the Technology]

 Blocking Speed-hacks

Detects memory modifications by comparing server-side memory with game client memory

 Detecting Memory-hacks

* Detects hacking tools and terminates client game connection from server

 Detecting Auto-mouse-play

*Detects and blocks auto-mouse-play

 Preventing Message-hooking

* Blocks message-hooking and event-stealing  

 Detecting File Alteration

* Examines file alteration on a regular basis

 Anti Reverse-engineering

* Prevents reverse-engineering by disabling debugging-attempts 




Windows 98 / 98 SE / ME /
2000 Professional / XP Home /
XP Professional / Server2003 / Vista / win7

Windows 98


Intel Pentium 500Mhz or higher

Intel Pentium 133MHz
IBM-PC Compatible Type


128MB or higher



2MB or higher

Web Browser

Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher